Post-Gender Wearables

Clothes based on comfort and aesthetic over shape, gender, or body type.

Garments made of flowing, draping soft fabric, in fun patterns and colors, with hoods, pockets, and thumbholes. Sizes based on different heights and builds and body shapes, and size ranges inclusive of larger body types that are often left out of “standard” fashion.

Wearables for whether you identify as male, female, both, neither, fae, space witch, goblin, bog monster, ethereal being, meat sack, or other.


For any of us who don’t feel fully comfortable in “men’s” or “women’s” clothing, who shop both sides of the aisle, who just want to look as unique as we feel. I’m doing this because I am passionate about helping other queer, nerdy people feel as comfortable as possible in their clothing while still expressing themselves. So much of what’s available and labeled as gender-free is either based on traditional menswear or is basically t-shirts and sweatshirts. It’s time for a different option.


  • Comfort and fit before/instead of gender
  • Giving back to the queer community (a portion of sales will go to local queer centers and national LGBTQ+ support organizations)
  • Embracing our weirdness
  • Clothing and models are size inclusive
  • Everyone who works on or with Limitless in any capacity is queer.


I’m transmasc, genderqueer, short, and a bit round. I have a background in costuming, fashion marketing, and business administration.

My body doesn’t follow the lines of traditional masculine clothing, and the items that are made for women my width tend to be too long for my height. I got frustrated having to choose between fit, comfort, functional pockets, and gender labels, as well as struggling to find anything that fits my personality besides regular graphic tees. Some days I just want to dress like a nerdy, witchy hobbit, and I realized I would have to make my own clothes to do it.

As I started talking with friends and other gender-wibbly people, I realized I was not alone in these wants and that there is very little out there to meet this need. As I added more and more people to my “can you make ME something to wear, too?” list I realized this was going to go beyond what I can do as custom sewing commissions and needed to become a clothing line. And so, Limitless Post-Gender Wearables was born.

Designs and Construction by Aiden McFarland
Artwork/Illustrations by Cai Kagawa
Logo by Robin Casey