Post-Gender Wearables

It’s been an INSANE year. Harrison and I have been calling this a year of Transformation – we’ve both gotten a lot of clarity on our creative processes, what we want to create, where we want to share them, etc. So there are a lot of changes and plans in the works for Fall/Winter and beyond into 2023. Here’s what’s happening right now!


  • Down to the last dozen rewards to finish and ship! This whole process has been a huge learning curve and is definitely informing how I move forward as a business. I plan on doing a whole wrap-up post and video when it’s all fully complete.

Upcoming shows/appearances:

Relaunch/New Items:

  • Due to focusing on the Kickstarter items and making sure I have inventory for these fall shows, any other orders are on hold for right now. However, once that’s done, I will be sharing a full RELAUNCH which will be a mix of the best selling items from the Kickstarter line and new items. Several items will be retired (or be only available as custom orders). So keep your eyes open this fall as I start sharing the new designs and sample garments.
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